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Industrial Radio


Industrial Radio is the home of the Midi Bass, a bass guitar that combines classic bass design with unbeatable MIDI controller functionality. Each Midi Bass is a finely-crafted electric bass guitar fitted with Industrial Radio's unique FretSense™ midi system which provides incredibly low latency midi tracking on all notes. The Midi Bass is highly playable and allows you to combine your regular basss sound with synth sounds.

PRO-4 Midi Bass & PRO-5 Midi Bass

With the recent release of the PRO-4 & the PRO-5, Industrial Radio's leading MIDI conversion technology is now available in both a 4-string & 5-string package.

Little Dragon - ON TOUR

Little Dragon - North American Tour

Nabuma Rubberband - Album Cover Little Dragon have kicked off their North American tour to showcase their amazing, Grammy-nominated album Nabuma Rubberband. Bassist Fredrik Wallin is a longtime Industrial Radio midi bass user and is currently using his system in the show. This is a great opportunity to see the IR midi bass in action!

  • May 18 - San Diego, CA
  • May 19 - Santa Cruz, CA
  • May 21 - Portland, OR
  • May 22 - George, WA
  • May 23 - Vancouver, BC
  • May 25 - Edmonton, AB
  • May 26 - Calgary, AB
  • May 28 - Minneapolis, MN
  • May 29 - Chicago, IL
  • May 30 - Pontiac, MI
  • May 31 - Toronto, ON
  • Jun 03 - Boston, MA
  • Jun 04 - Montreal, QC
  • Jun 05 - Brooklyn, NY
  • Jun 06 - New York City, NY

For more information, including venues and how to book tickets, go to the Little Dragon website.

Featured Videos

Jarman Donohue spends some time with Steve Chick discussing and demonstrating the nature of the "imprint" technique used to get a more organic feel from a midi bass performance. The setup utilises the new Fretsense Interface (FSI-1) and Fretsense Cable that ship with all new PRO-4 basses. More information and a new website coming soon!

Men Imitating Machines are gearing up for their European 2014! In this video they use an Ableton Live setup where the drums trigger the envelopes on the sounds being played by Jarman Donohue on his PRO-4.

Jarman Donohue of Men Imitating Machines tests the all round wobbliness of the Industrial Radio Midi Bass. Check out Men Imitating Machines here.