Build Times

There are three possible types of order for a Fretsense™ instrument. Each type of order has a different build time.

  • Stock instruments
  • Pre-painted bodies
  • Custom orders

PRO-4 body (pictured): Swamp Ash body with flame maple top and Transparent Brown Dye finish

Stock Instruments (available immediately)

We are currently out of stock.

Pre-painted Bodies (2-8 weeks)

At any one time we may have pre-painted bodies in stock that are ready for assembly. We strive to hold some stock bodies so that customers who want a fast turnaround can get what they want.

PRO-4 Pre-painted Bodies

We have limited stock of the following bodies available.

  • Light Yellow
  • Black Gloss
  • Black-Red-Yellow Burst (left-handed)

Solange 6 Pre-painted Bodies

Currently we do not have any Solange 6 pre-painted bodies in stock.

Custom Orders (6 months)

If you are happier to wait a little longer and want a specific wood/colour arrangement we can arrange a custom order with Warmoth. All you have to do is let us know by email the options and wood types you want and we will. Because we have to wait for the bass body and neck to built from scratch it takes a minimum 6 months.

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