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How to Order

Here are the main steps in the process of ordering a Fretsense instrument.

Step 1

You decide what you want and let us know by email. If you ever have any questions about our products or the order process don't hesitate to ask.

Step 2

Download the Cusomer Details Form (PDF). Fill in the form, save a copy to your computer and then forward it to

Step 3

We will then generate and send you an invoice containing the order details and your billing and shipping details. If a deposit is required we will also send you a PayPal payment request for that amount. If you don't provide us with a PayPal email address we will send you our bank details so you can arrange a bank transfer.

Step 4

Wait the build time... When your instrument is fully tested and ready to pack we will send you a photo of the instrument and arrange final payment.

Step 5

The instrument will ship within 2 business days of your final payment. When the package is registered with DHL your email address will be included and upon pickup of the shipment you will receive an automatically generated notification from DHL that will contain information relating to the shipment including your Waybill/tracking number.

Step 6

When you receive your instrument you will have 14 days from the date of delivery to evaluate the product with the option to return with a full refund.