Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Can I simply buy the Fretsense Interface (FSI-1) and plug my own guitar or bass into it?

No. The Industrial Radio Fretsense™ system only works when the Fretsense instrument, interface and cable are used together.

Can I buy the IR MIDI electronics separately and retrofit my own bass or guitar?

No. We do not sell the IR MIDI electronics separately. It is actually a very complex process to retrofit an instrument with our system and we do not have the staff to provide the technical support that would be needed to support such projects.

Can I buy an Industrial Radio guitar in a store?

No, we do not sell our guitars through stores. Fretsense guitars are naturally costly to produce because the product is like having two great products rolled into one. A quality guitar construction on the one hand and a top-of-the-line MIDI system on the other. If we put the instruments through stores they would probably double in price.

Is the Fretsense system a 13-pin system?

No, the 13-pin standard uses "pitch-to-voltage" technology for MIDI conversion. The Fretsense system was actually designed to replace "pitch-to-voltage" MIDI systems by providing greatly improved MIDI tracking.

Is the IR Fretsense technology compatible with Roland products like the VB-99 V-Bass System?

Industrial Radio Fretsense guitars are not designed to be compatible with such products and to our knowledge these systems are not natively compatible.

Will Industrial Radio build me a custom instrument?

No. We are not a custom guitar business.

Can I return the Fretsense instrument if it's not what I expected?

Yes. See our Return Policy here.

Do Fretsense instruments have built in sounds?

No, Fretsense instruments do not have internal sounds. The concept behind our product is to provide an ultra low latency, high quality MIDI signal that can be connected to hundreds of sound modules and software plugins that have been developed over the last 40 years.

Does my choice of strings effect the MIDI conversion?

We have recently discovered that certain strings with coated/painted ball ends can cause intermittent problems with Fretsense instrument performance. We encourage our users to avoid these types of strings.

What is the landed price of the instrument to my country?

Unfortunately, we can't give our customers an exact landed price for an instrument because we cannot exactly predict what customs fees a shipment will incur prior to shipping. Customs related fees are determined at the time of shipment and depend on many factors which differ from country to country. We can only give you a fixed price for the instrument and shipping charges.

Do you have plans to make a 6-string Fretsense Bass in the near future?


Does Industrial Radio make left-handed versions of their instruments?

Yes, but build times may be longer than those published on the site.

Will a Fretsense instrument work with my wireless system?

No. Fretsense instruments are not ideally suited to work with off-the-shelf wireless systems for guitar due to the high number of connections to and from the bass.

Can a Fretsense guitar or bass be used to control video games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

The Industrial Radio Fretsense system was designed for professional bassists and guitarists working both live and in the studio. The instrument is intended to work with MIDI compatible devices and was never intended to be a games controller and doesn't try to interact with these types of games. We discourage the purchase of a Fretsense instrument purely for this application.

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