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The IR-P4 is Industrial Radio's most affordable MIDI bass to date. Providing the same, world class Fretsense™ MIDI bass technology on a classic P-Bass style bass design.

Unlike the PRO-4 MIDI bass, which is composed of a USA made body and neck, the IR-P4 bodies and necks are constructed by Industrial Radio in Sydney, Australia. Purposefully designed to be both economical but well built, the IR-P4 makes our industry-leading MIDI bass technology more accessible than ever.

The IR-P4 also features a new fretboard construction that gives the bass the traditional look of a rosewood fretboard with walnut binding along a maple laminate fretboard. This makes it possible to ship the IR-P4 basses anywhere in the world without the added complexity of the new import/export permit requirements for rosewood under the CITES convention.

System Price

* Price includes IR-P4 MIDI bass guitar, Fretsense™ Interface (FSI-1), Fretsense cable, economy hardshell bass case, power supply & miscellaneous accessories for instrument care. Some options incur addtional charges. Price does not include shipping and duties. Australian customers required to pay 10% GST.

Build Time: 12 weeks

The build time for a IR-P4 MIDI Bass is 12 weeks.
The deposit for a IR-P4 MIDI Bass is US$1200.00.

Bass Specification

The specification (not including additional options).

Model IR-P4 MIDI Bass
Body Finishes Matte Black, Matte Grey (dark) & Matte Blue
Body Wood Arakaria (Araucaria cunninghamii)
Neck Rock maple neck,
Double expanding truss rod with 4mm 'Hex nut' adjustment
Fretboard Rock maple with walnut binding,
Black polycarbonate fretboard overlays
Scale Length 34"
Width at Nut 1.51" (38.4mm)
Radius 10"
No. of Frets 21
Frets Jescar stainless steel,
Industrial Radio split frets
Nut Corian®
Bass Tuners Chrome
Pickups Tonerider™ Precision Plus
Bridge Chrome bridge pieces fitted with
Graph Tech piezo saddles and Industrial Radio pitch bend sensors
Pickguard Options Black, White (all 3-ply)
Controls MIDI Volume (click for Preset Select),
Bass Volume
Connections 15-pin connector for Fretsense cable,
Standard 1/4" audio output jack

Additional Options

  • Upgrade to Bartolini 8S pickup (ADD US$100.00)
  • Upgrade to Hipshot bass tuners (ADD US$120.00)
  • Upgrade to Hipshot bass tuners with extender/drop tuner (ADD US$160.00)
  • Matching painted headstock option (ADD US$100.00)