Jarman Donohue

Men Imitating Machines

Men Imitating Machines take live drums, bass and visuals and turn them on their ear. Jarman and Matty play bass heavy beats, huge riffs and infectious electro vibes using the Industrial Radio MIDI bass guitar and MIDI drums whilst simultaneously controlling a projection show with their instruments.

The last couple of years have been busy for M.I.M with 4 releases through Bitnormal Records, 2 European tours, 2 self-produced video clips and live sets at Landjuweel Festival (NL), St Kilda Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival and Maitreya Festival.

With the recent release of “Crashland” which was produced in collaboration with Rachel by the Stream, Men Imitating Machines are right now preparing for a European tour in June 2016 spanning the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic (for more info see below).