Steve Chick

Director & Product Designer

Steve studied at UNSW, attaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering whilst working at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Steve began a serious blueprint regarding a midi bass in around the mid 1980. And over the next 15 years licensed the technology to various bass manufacturers the world over. He and the family spent some years in the USA and returned to Australia in 1995. Steve has consulted for several companies, until a few years ago when he finally yielded to the pressure and accepted that he had unfinished business in relation to matters of midi bass. His enlivened passion for the project has culminated in a new company division, Industrial Radio, and the new midi bass that encompasses over two decades of research.

Sandi Chick


Born in Scotland, schooled in Sydney. 25 years experience singing live and recording and working with some of the biggest names in Australian music, alongside responsibilities in the business of midi bass. Sandi has also spent time working with long term, homeless youth, and is grounded in a strong human rights background . As well as being a director of Industrial Radio she handles all aspects of administration.