Industrial Radio is an Australian company that manufactures the industry-leading Fretsense™ MIDI guitars and MIDI basses.

At the heart of Industrial Radio is electronic engineer and music product designer Steve Chick. Steve Chick designed the technology of the MIDI bass in the late 1980's and licensed the system to various companies like Valley Arts Guitars, Wal Basses and, most notably, Peavey Electronics who got behind the product and generated the Peavey Midibase and Peavey Cyberbass. While all of the instruments that were manufactured by these companies had different names they all shared the same core MIDI technology. This overall design has often been referred to as the "Steve Chick midi bass". We eventually renamed the technology to Fretsense™ so it could be applied to both bass and 6-string guitar.

In the pre-Industrial Radio years Steve Chick was optimistic that the MIDI bass technology would be implemented by bass manufacturers without he himself having to become a bass builder. However, over the years he realised that the only way we could make this system a mainstay of modern music technology is if we took complete control of the project.

Now that Industrial Radio has furthur developed the Fretsense MIDI conversion technology the system has matured into the ultimate MIDI guitar/bass solution for the professional, electronic musician.