Solange 6 MIDI Guitar

Powered by Fretsense™

With 35 years experience in MIDI bass design Industrial Radio is proud to release the Solange 6 MIDI guitar.

The Solange 6 is without a doubt the most advanced midi guitar system on the planet, designed to deliver the best performance possible using IR's Fretsense™ MIDI conversion technology which has never been seen before in a real 6-string electric guitar.

Industrial Radio's proprietry Fretsense technology reads pitch directly from the frets rather than using outdated pitch-to-voltage techniques.

Combining the Fretsense technology with the new RadioPick™ triggering and Imprint dynamics processing the Solange 6 delivers a MIDI guitar performance never experienced before.

The Solange 6 is a high quality USA / Australian made instrument delivering a great low noise magnetic sound plus access to the individual piezo outputs via the FSI-1 Fretsense Interface.

Guitarists can finally compete with keyboardists on an equal footing and take electronic music in totally new directions, delivering a new rythmic guitar approach to synth music.

Base Price

* Price includes Solange 6 MIDI guitar, Fretsense™ Interface (FSI-1), Fretsense cable, SKB bass case, power supply & miscellaneous accessories for instrument care. Some options incur addtional charges. Price does not include shipping and duties. Australian customers required to pay 10% GST.

Build Time: 6 months

Current build time for a Solange 6 MIDI Guitar is 6 months.
The deposit for a Solange 6 MIDI Guitar is US$1500.00.

Guitar Specification

The specification (not including additional options).

Model Solange 6 MIDI Guitar
Body Finishes See below
Body Wood Alder or Swamp Ash
Neck Rock Maple with walnut skunk strip
Neck Shape Medium shape C, similar to American Fender Stratocaster® or Telecaster®
Fretboard Pau Ferro
with polycarbonate fingerboard overlay
Scale Length 25.5" (647.7mm)
Truss Rod Single rod design (HEX key adjustment), adjustment is located on the headstock through a walnut plug
Nut Width 1 11/16" (42.9mm)
Neck Depth at 1st Fret 0.800" (20.3mm)
Neck Depth at 12th Fret 0.850" (21.6mm)
Fingerboard Radius 9.5" (241.3mm)
No. of Frets 21
Frets Industrial Radio split frets, Jescar fretwire
Nut GraphTech TUSQ®
Pickups 3 x Active: EMG SA (Alnico) in Black/White/Ivory
Power 9 volt battery, in compartment on back of the instrument. Powered via the 15-pin cable when connected to the FSI-1
Bridge Fixed tail, incorporating 6 microflex sensors for string pitch bend detection
Saddles GraphTech piezo saddles with string spacing of 10.8mm
Pickguard Options Black, White, Tortoise Shell, Red Tortoise Shell, Mint, Parchment, Black Pearloid, Dark Black Pearloid, White Pearloid (all 3-ply)
Controls Volume, Tone, MIDI volume, 5-way pickup selector switch, Preset Select switch
Connections 15-pin connector for Fretsense cable,
Standard 1/4" audio output jack

Warmoth Build

All Solange 6 bodies and necks are constructed by USA company Warmoth Guitar Products. The Solange 6 bodies are completely fabricated and painted by Warmoth while the necks are fabricated but are provided unfretted and unpainted so that we can perform the necessary processes to make them Fretsense™ necks, including fretting, splitting the frets, and wiring the frets. Warmoth have been building guitars for decades and their craftsmanship is very high. They provide an astounding range of finishes and customisable options.

Guitar Options

While we don't offer all the possible wood types, finishes and options that are on offer at Warmoth we can provide several options.

Body Finishes

We can provide the bulk of finishes that Warmoth offer though there are a few exceptions. The best way to discover and decide what you want is to check out Warmoth's finishes page and let us know via email what finishes you prefer and we will take it from there.

Laminate Tops

You can also add a laminate top to your order (Add $115.00). The following woods are available.

  • Koa
  • Flame Maple
  • Quilted Maple
  • Walnut


Various accent options can be achieved by masking areas of the wood or adding contrasting coloured woods to laminate. These options either require or are especially suited for orders with laminate top option. For more information contact us.

  • Natural Wood Masked Accent (Add $115.00)
  • Light Wood Laminate Accent (Add $30.00)
  • Dark Wood Laminate Accent (Add $30.00)


For an added cost we can use EMG SAX (Alnico X Series) in Black/White/Ivory instead of EMG SA.