Update Guitar firmware (Mac)

In this article we will update the firmware of any 4, 5 or 6-string Fretsense instrument using the Guitar Firmware Programmer for Mac.

Note: This article covers updating the firmware of a Fretsense guitar or bass with a 15-pin connector and FSI-1 Fretsense Interface.

  1. Download the Guitar Firmware Programmer from the downloads page.
  2. Download the latest bass or guitar firmware file (.prg) from the downloads page.
  3. Connect the guitar to the FSI-1
  4. Connect the FSI-1 to the computer via USB cable.
  5. Turn on the FSI-1.
  6. Open the Guitar Firmware Programmer.
  7. Set both the Midi In and Midi Out ports to ‘IR Fretsense Port 2’.
  8. Press the Select File & Program button and open the firmware file you downloaded.
  9. The guitar will now be programmed.
  10. Close the programmer and restart the FSI-1. You may need to wait a moment for the firmware to initialise.
Last updated 18 Sep, 2019