Software Editors

The software editors provide a convenient way to edit the settings of Fretsense™ MIDI basses and guitars.

  • Easily edit and save all instrument settings through the user interface
  • Easily rename presets and save from one preset slot to another
  • Save and restore all settings using .irb backup files
  • Additional settings available exclusively through the editor
  • While settings are accessible through the editor they are still stored in the memory of the bass and/or guitar, ie. the instrument can play without being connected to the editor

Note: The editor applications will only function when connected to a Fretsense MIDI bass or MIDI guitar. There is no point in downloading the application unless you have a Fretsense instrument.

IR Bass Editor 4

Version 1.1

IR Bass Editor 4

The IR Bass Editor 4 is the software interface used to edit the settings of a 4-string Fretsense MIDI bass.

The IR Bass Editor 4 will work with any Industrial Radio 4-string MIDI bass with 15-pin connector and the appropriate firmware installed in both the bass and the FSI-1 Fretsense Interface.

Below are the system requirements, links to the editor software, firmware requirements and a link to the manual.

Mac: OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.
IR Bass Editor 4
Rev 1.1.2

Windows: Windows XP or later.
IR Bass Editor 4
Rev 1.1.1

Bass Firmware: Rev 4.18.1
See Downloads.

FSI-1 Firmware: Rev 1.04
See Downloads.

Note: The editor application will only work with a MIDI bass if it is a 15-pin system with a FSI-1 Fretsense Interface as it utilises one of two available MIDI ports of the MIDI USB connection in order to communicate with the editor.