MIDI Conversion Technology for Bass & Guitar

NOTE: We will be making major changes to this page very soon (Date: 22 Nov. 2016).

The Industrial Radio Midi Bass is a hybrid bass guitar and MIDI controller able to connect to and control synthesiser and sampler technology via MIDI.

Both bass guitar and MIDI controller, the Industrial Radio Midi Bass gives you the ability to plug into and accurately control hardware and software synths and samplers direct from the bass. Now you can double your natural bass tone with classic, synth bass sounds or trigger any kind of sample or synth sound you can imagine.

Fretsense Features

  • Sophisticated multi-sensor MIDI system built into instrument with fret-sensing neck, pitch bend sensors and dynamics sensors for industry-leading guitar-to-MIDI conversion
  • Provides unparalleled, low latency MIDI tracking
  • Latency is consistent across full range of instrument from high notes to low notes
  • Playing techniques translate reliably to MIDI - bend, slide, slap, pop and tap notes
  • Includes several advanced, configurable options to tailor responsiveness of instrument to individual's playing technique
  • Works both monophonically and polyphonically
  • Legato mode
  • Includes numerous MIDI SEND modes to ensure compatibility and optimum performance with virtually all synths both old and new
  • Full dynamics like on a keyboard
  • 40 programmable performance presets
  • Intuitive user interface with on-board display - control instrument settings direct on the instrument from the fingerboard (bass only)
  • Switch sounds instantly on fingerboard
  • Updatable operating system for future refinements and expansion
  • Single Fretsense cable for MIDI, audio and power eliminates need for multiple cables coming out of instrument
  • Footswitch input on FSI-1 Fretsense Interface for sustain/modulation/freeze foot pedal functions
  • Comprehensive MIDI IN capabilities for added control when used with MIDI foot controller
  • Pitch bend can be sent via aftertouch
  • Transpose MIDI pitch +/-3 Octaves and +/-12 semitones
  • Ability to program custom MIDI "play zones" on fingerboard

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