User Manuals

PRO-4 User Manual - Rev. 1.1

For use with bass firmware 2.16 or 4.16

In future we will be making periodic changes and improvements to this manual. If you are interested in being notified when each new manual revision is made available we encourage you to join the Industrial Radio Users Group (see article).

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IR Guitar Editor V1.1 - User Manual

Document Rev. 2 IR Guitar Editor

The IR Guitar Editor is the software interface used to control the settings of 6-string Fretsense™ MIDI guitars. Since the editor software and the firmware inside the guitar are inextricably linked this manual is treated as an overall user manual for the Solange 6 MIDI guitar.

The current revision of the manual covers the Mac application only (macOS El Capitan). Windows software is also available. More information on OS compatibility and system requirements to follow.

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